I love my mum. She has been there through every single good and bad time in my life – Giving me support and love and generally being an all round good egg.

My mum is the type of person that can give good advice on just about any problem. Need to contact someone about planning permission? Mum will tell you which section of the council to go to, and also give you the name and number of a recommended builder. Feel you’ve been treated badly at work? Mum will know the laws of what they can do, and if they don’t do it, who to contact to get it rectified.

She’s just turned 64, and despite her intelligence, is prone to blonde moments that scare the life out of her and convince her that she is going senile, and that make me laugh. She called me yesterday morning.

“Dan, I’ve just got off of the phone to Mick.” Mick is our local newsagent who delivers mum’s papers. “Mick, I haven’t got my Mail on Sunday today!” she’d said.

“Jean, that’s because it’s Tuesday.” Mick replied.

Poor mum. I can almost feel the glow of embarrassment from here! CaffeinatedDan footer

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