A forehead visible from the moon

by DannyUK

What a week it’s been. Work has been shitty. Or should that be: I’ve been shitty at work.

Yeah, that’s more realistic. For whatever reason, I’ve had the raging hump at work for two or three days for no reason other than no-one’s pulling their weight and no-one seems to care. Apparantly it’s the sign of a good leader that I take stuff like that to heart. For me, it’s the sign of a lazy workforce that they DON’T. Bastards.


However, today was a lot more upbeat. There wasn’t so much an urgency to our day, but business was good, especially for my team, and even I can’t moan at that (though give me a day or two and normal service will no doubt be resumed)

So, on reflection, what is the problem with me? God knows.

I know that I’m annoyed at the lack of urgency in our office. We’ve had a bad start to the month and in a company where results are king, we need to be swift in rectifying things and we haven’t been.

Today it looks as though we turned the corner (to see today was “a lot more upbeat” as I did a paragraph ago is a complete understatement. It was a day that even the best in the company dream about, and a fucking pleasure to take the plaudits (the surprisingly few that there were) for.) (Gotta love brackets, by the way!)

We also heard a couple of days ago that the sellers of the house that we put an offer in for in July now looks as though they have found a new house themselves, and we may actually be moving. That’s the good news. The bad news is that, although we did our sums before, which meant that we would be renting our existing house out, it now seems that won’t be viable.

The tax we would need to pay out would outweigh the benefit of keeping the house on, so we are now looking to sell. To be honest that will probably make things a lot easier as it will mean we’ll save about £200 per month in mortgage repayments and get a bigger house in the process, but it does mean that I have to stress about replanning the mortgages and God knows what else. I’ll be fine when I have it all figured in my head, but for now it’s just a pain.

The house move DOES have another upside, which is that by moving after 2nd November, we will be out of our tie-in period to the existing mortgage which means we’ll save £4,000 there when we pay it off. Yippee!!

What else has been going on? Well, Chance has cut his first tooth today, at just 3½ months old – the earliest of any of the kids. He hasn’t been too ratty with it so far, though now I’ve said that I’ll bet we’ll be up all night because of it! I’m not too sure how keen Mel will be to continue breastfeeding now though – Teeth and nipples don’t go together well. Actually, they CAN go together fine, if you’re both in agreement, but baby teeth and nipples don’t.

Also, I’ve had a haircut. Not a major thing worthy of even the dullest of blogs, I’ll grant you, but this was a shorter than normal haircut.

Mel is a qualified hairdresser. Even though she hates it (and therefore didn’t spend too long doing it for a career, even after years learning the trade at college), I still rope her into doing my hair for free every six weeks or so. In that time my hair goes from short, brushed forward and semi-stylish, to long and moppy.

This time around, as Mel zipped the clippers across my head, she let out a very audible gasp. My first, terrible thought was that she had cut my ear off, or worse still, given me an unintentional bald spot through a slip of the hand. But no, it was worse than that. The gasp was because my thinning hair was suddenly much thinner that it was last time. (Work? Stressful? Pffft) It was then mutually decided (by Mel mainly, though all the nodding was from me) that “we” should go shorter.

Now I look like a double-hard bastard. The clippers stopped short of a skin head, but a number two / three all over is a big change, and my forehead, which has always been on the large side (insert schoolboy memories of a classroom of ten year olds slapping their palms against their hands and uniting in the chant “spam, spam, spam, spam…”) is now likely visible from outer space:

“There we can see the great wall of China, built to keep out intruders and the only man made structure visible from space, whilst several thousand miles away we can see Danny’s head reflecting the Sun.”

Anyway, enough ramblings. It’s weird that I only ever post here when in a good or ok mood. The past few days have been entry-less (fnarr) simply because time has been sparse and my mood has been shitty. Things can only get better, maybe? (excluding today which, in case I didn’t mention, was a fucking good day!)


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