If there’s one thing that drives me mad (truth be known there are THOUSANDS of things that drive me mad, but I’ll choose just one here) it’s not being able to work something out.

Many an hour I’ve spent with an Excel spreadsheet, for example, trying to get it to do something new that I’ve never been able to get it to do before.

Why bring this up now? Because I’m sitting at my computer desk, which is in the front room, and I can smell a bad smell. It smells like a used nappy. In fact, it smells like a used nappy that has been put in a scented nappy bag and then been lost somewhere. And it’s driving me insane because I can’t find where it’s coming from. I’ve kind of worked out that it’s in the carpet area to the left of the desk, but I’ve pulled the area apart and not found anything.

Methinks I will end up scrubbing the carpet in case it’s cat’s pee or something. CaffeinatedDan footer

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