End Of The Weekend, pt 2

by DannyUK

Part Two. Continued from yesterday.

(Yesterday’s entry is here, by the way)

As I say, up and down. It’s interesting to see how a night out changes things with people, though.

Without naming names, an old colleague from Chelmsford ended up with a current colleague from Romford “sleeping on the couch”. I’m not sure if anything came of it, but she drove him to work in the morning and he asked us not to say anything to anyone at work.

She’s absolutely cool, and though I didn’t work with her for long, I think she’s great. He’s also pretty cool, but he can drive me mad at times. If they did get together (unlikely as they are both seeing others at the moment), then he’s definitely getting the better end of the deal.


Another plus point, which came from my Regional Manager having a few drinks, is that he said he expects me to be a manager within 6-12 months. I don’t know if that’s feasible or not yet, but I made a point of telling him that I wanted to move up in the company, and he said he knew that, so at least my intentions are clear.

Whilst writing this update, I’ve put my 3-year-old, Aaliyah, to bed with the eldest.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve had nothing but trouble with them once they’ve been put to bed.

They generally misbehave, and bang on their bedroom window trying to attract the attention of neighbours. They have a habit of pulling all the clothes from the wardrobes and throwing them on the floor.

Because of this, as I put them to bed tonight, I said: “Aaliyah, I really want you to be good tonight, can you do that for me?” She looked at me and after some thought replied: “No dad, I can’t sleep. All I can do is mess about and look out of the window.”

At least we’ve brought them up to be honest. That was 45 minutes ago, and thankfully they’ve quietened down and have (I hope) gone to sleep.

On the way home from the regional night out, I shared a train with Clayton, Sophie and Matt. We had to get from Romford train station, heading away from London to Shenfield and then split up and get separate trains from there.

We jumped on a train, all the worse for wear, and sat next to two chav girls. Dressed in tracksuits, they were stereotypically chav.

As the train pulled into the next station, Clayton suddenly jumped up and said “We need to be on that train!” pointing to one across the platform. With that, the four of us piled out of the train and headed to the new one.

“Hold on, weren’t we supposed to go two stops on the last train, and we only went one?” I asked.

Everyone stopped. “And this train goes to Liverpool Street, which is back to London.”

It collectively hit everyone that we may have just gotten off of the correct train. All of a sudden, one of the chavs appeared at the door.

“Where are you going, mate?”

“Shenfield” I replied.

“You need this train then”. The words left her mouth just as the doors started beep-beep-beeping shut.

Bugger. We all ran like Hell, and chav girl, to her credit - and our eternal thanks - held the door open for us. As she did that, there was a tiny section of my mind telling me that she was having us on, and we were back on the wrong train. Thankfully, I’m just a cynical bastard, and we were fine.

After we had all gotten off at Shenfield, Matt and I got on to our next train and started talking. Matt’s just resigned and is following his old manager to a role at HSBC, our sister company. The whole trip was an ego boost for me, as Matt told me he’d recommended me to his boss as someone who’d do a good job for them. I told him I was happy as I was, but he said he’d probably be in touch in a few months to see how the land laid then.

Mel’s on the sofa at the moment, and she’s just settled down to watch some Kung fu film that I don’t have the least bit of interest in.

All I can here at the moment is her talking to Chance, who, at just under 4 weeks old, is a captive audience in her arms:

“Look, they don’t just dance – they dance with axes. You’ve got to give respect to Asian men who dance with axes.”

I’m so glad I’m missing that film.


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