End of the weekend

by DannyUK

Well, the weekend is almost over. Yes, I know it’s Monday, but seeing as we work weird days at the bank, I had Saturday and Monday off this week, so it’s the end of my weekend, even if everyone else’s finished yesterday.

Don’t be jealous, though, this coming week I work Tues-Sat and then follow that with Mon-Fri, so it’s a one day weekend next week.

(I’ve just realised something. Seeing as I write this in Word before I publish it on my new blog, I may as well just keep chucking it up here too. That way, if one of the blogs go down, at least I’ll still have everything (assuming that I will, as always, lose my Word doc of it))


The more recent stuff, written before this entry, can be found at http://tinyurl.com/hocss

Mood: Strangely energetic - In my mind, if not my body
Music: Some kung-fu crap that Mel’s watching

The course finished on Thursday, and it went more or less as well as the other days. For a very unconfident person, I’m amazed to say that I honestly felt I was the best on the course.

The roleplays we were doing, which took up about 75% of our time, were easy, and both managers and people on my level were saying that they thought I did it well.

We were all back at work on the Friday to put things into action. Unfortunately someone hadn’t really planned things too well and had organised a regional night out on Thursday, meaning that everyone was hungover on the Friday. Nice work.

Surprisingly, considering how I felt after I went out a week and a half ago, I woke up not hungover. I couldn’t remember what time I was supposed to start work (when I moved from Chelmsford to Romford in June, I moved to a different set of opening hours.

Having had three weeks off, I was still getting used to them). Mel seemed to agree that it was a 9 am start, so I was in work, thanks to a lack of school traffic, at 8.30am. Barring one other person, no-one turned up until about 10.15am, and I was told that they were only slightly late as it’s a 10 am start on Fridays. Live and learn, huh?

The time alone in the branch gave me time to clean my desk, as we’d had builders I while we were away and they gutted and refitted the kitchen, as well as putting down a new carpet on the sales floor.

This meant that absolutely everything was covered in a thin layer of grit and dust, which I HAD to clean. (Well, I HAD to clean my desk. Sod everyone else’s.)

The past few days have been a little up and down news-wise. The good news was that Mel and mum have patched up their differences which means that Mel can now use the car full time (a LONG story behind that one, which I can’t be arsed to go into).

Bad news: The estimated rental income of our current house came in lower than we thought, but…

Good News: we were able to re-juggle the mortgage offers and still be able to afford the new place.

Bad news: My Branch Manager doesn’t want me to do a manager relief at Harlow.

Good News: She wants me to run a team as a Team Leader instead.

Bad News: My Team Leader will run Harlow instead for two weeks in a manager relief.

Good News: He probably won’t do too well, as it’s not doing too well at the mo anyway and two weeks isn’t a big enough time to make such a drastic improvement.

There’re a few other bits of note that’ve happened recently, but I’ll shove them up here tomorrow.

Edit: Part two is here!


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