Skint. Again. The Editors will have to wait

by DannyUK

Gotta say that I’m loving the Editors album at the mo. It seems to be on loop on the iPod. It’s still very samey all the way through, though I’ve decided that’s more the actual genre than the album.


I even had a dream about the damn group last night. They were playing on the streets in Chelmsford. Halfway through the dream they seemed to morph into the Kaiser Chiefs. Weird, huh?

I saw tickets advertised for the Editors at a gig in London. £9. That’s all they cost.

And you know the stupid thing? Money is so tight I can’t justify spending £9 on the tickets, let alone the train fare to get to town and the night out that would accompany it.

Life sucks sometimes.

Buy The Editors on mp3:

The Back Room (2005) - An End Has A Start (2007) -  In This Light And On This Evening (2009)


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