Better than sex

by DannyUK

If I thought getting laid before getting up yesterday morning was unusual, then following another crappy day at work it was even more unusual to speak to someone who actually WANTED a loan.

And £15k at that, which is the most we can do on an unsecured basis. I haven’t had that for ages. Well, that’s not strictly true. Our bank deals with the “sub-prime” sector, ie, those people whose credit rating isn’t great. This means that we get quite a few people coming in looking to take out huge loans when their recent credit history shows that they aren’t paying back the credit they already have. This in turn means a big uh-urrrr (think of a wrong answer in Family Fortunes for the sound effect there!). So, to have someone who wants £15k & who passes the score for £15k is unusual.

When I booked in Ms £15k (who incidentally should be coming in tonight), the feeling that ran through my body was, as the title of this entry suggests, better than sex. Seriously, I could literally feel the adrenaline coarsing through my veins, and a sense of total infinity hit me. If this is the hit that heroin users get every time they shoot up, it’s no wonder the drug is so bloody addictive.

Arsenal beat Ajax in the Champions League yesterday. Considering we were lucky not to beat Arsenal (hereafter referred to as “cheating North London scum who play in red”) at the weekend, does that mean West Ham are better than Ajax?

The new guy started at work yesterday. Stu, his name is. Not nearly as annoying as we all thought he would be when he came for his interview. In fact, he seems pretty dedicated, even considering he’s new. The kid could do well. Hey, who am I kidding? He’ll be learning from me, so the kid is gonna go far. Take that as you will!

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