Starting off - The first blog post

by DannyUK

I really don’t know what to put here. In fact, I could even go so far as to say that I don’t know why I started this journal.


Am I that interesting that everyone will want to read about me? No. Am I that self-centred to believe that anyone cares what is going on in my life, save for a few friends who I am not going to send this link to anyway? No.

I think I’m doing this to offload a little. But then again, I have so many barriers up that I know I won’t even put my innermost thoughts up here in case someone I know discovers them. Bizarre, huh?

A little about me: I’m 27, married, with 3 kids. The wife (who shall remain anonymous here) and I were wed in June this year (and already I feel exposed by revealing this to the world out there! So much for anonymity! (sic?)) We’re trying for another baby, but shhhh, no-one else knows yet, so keep it between you and me, ok?)

I work for a loan company that calls itself a bank (Ha!) and although I enjoy my job, it’s fair to say that I’m having a really shit September. Still, we have a new starter in today and I know he’ll be thrust under my wing so I need to dust myself down and pretend that I have full confidence that I can turn my results around in the week we have left of this month, despite three weeks going past that go against that.

The wife sent me a text at 5 am today, despite being alongside me in bed (women, who understands ’em?!). The text was to let me know that when I woke up she was in the mood for some Dan-love.

What she didn’t realise is that I had my phone set on loud instead of silent, so as soon as she sent the message, the bedside drawer rumbled in time with the vibrate alert as my mobile emitted its car-alarm-like shrill. Before you ask, yes it was enough to wake me up, and the message was enough to wake other parts of me up, and we had great bang-bang sex before the kids woke up.

Yay! Maybe this week will be better after all!


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