DannyUK.com - Describing the blog.

DannyUK.com is a PR friendly blog run by DannyUK, a dad of four from Essex. The blog covers kids, teenagers and parenting, days out & technology, as well as articles, reviews & competitions. There are sponsored posts offering honest reviews, and even the occasional post about sex.

This blog was brought over from an old domain to the current domain DannyUK.com in July last year. As such it no longer has a Google Page Rank (previously 3). However, the blog was recently listed (2014) in the Top 10,000 UK websites according to Alexa, and Moz recently rated the site with the rankings Page Authority (PA) of 39, MozRank (mR) of 4.10 and Domain MozRank (DmR) of 3.84.

Supporting the blog

You can support the blog by using this link whenever you buy through Amazon. It doesn’t cost you anything extra, but whaetever you buy through the search bar, I get a few pennies from Amazon to put towards the cost of running the blog. Or buying coffee. Or both.

What to expect

I try to keep the blog fairly light-hearted and fun, though there are some serious posts in amongst the giggles too. To give you a sample of the posts I write, I’ll start with some entries about the kids in the blog:

Smooth talker


Missy Moo Cat‎

Being threatened by a toddler

Or, continuing the family theme there’s blog entries about my old mum:

“and then I remembered I went out with a baby”

Why it’s never ideal to move back in with your parents after a divorce.

There’s posts about the dreams I’ve had.

Freaky Dreams

The things dreams are made of - Lionel Richie, Bruce Willis and a strip club

There’s even the occasional West Ham based post - West Ham and the Tevez rumours

I have written about broken bikes, reminiscing about the past and a font admission. as well as people watching or women acting weird - , and a lengthy tale about coffee shops, manners and a little karma.

I even use the blog as a way to rant - Things that annoy me.

The nice thing about the blog is that it runs back several years, and though there are some barren periods, you can type a lot of random words into the search bar and it’ll bring up an unexpected result.

So how would I categorise the blog? It certainly doesn’t fit neatly under the banner of “family” or “technology”. Since moving to the new domain I have to be honest and say that the quality and quantity of posts has improved massively (at least in my humble opinion!) The blog is random, but it’s about me, and that’s the best category I can give it.

If you need to contact me, you can do that via this page: Contact me.

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