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If you want to subscribe to the newsletter, which means you will be notified when a new competition goes live on the site, or when a winner is announced, simply sign up below and choose which emails you want to receive.

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In other words, we appreciate that those wanting updates on Chelmsford may not want to know who has won the latest competition and vice versa!

We’ve broken down the categories you can sign up for as follows:

  • DannyUK General Newsletter - This will ensure you get every email that we send.
  • DannyUK new competition announcements - This will be an email that is sent whenever a new competition goes live on the site.  Where possible we will also announce winners of previous competitions in the same email so as not to spam anyone.
  • DannyUK Competition winner announcements - If you want to be informed of when a winner is drawn, then this is the email for you.  As above, we will try to announce new winners and new competitions on the same day, but you have the choice either way.
  • DannyUK Weekly Digest - This is a new one which is currently not being used.  If you tick it, you are signing up to receive a weekly email from us which could include anything relating to the site.
  • Articles about Chelmsford - Being a locally-based site, we know that lots of our readers only want to read about local issues.  If that’s you, tick the box and you’ll receive an email about anything Chelmsford-related.
  • Articles about London - Every now and then we venture into the capital.  As and when we do, and we blog about it, we’ll send an email out to anyone ticking this box.

Just put your name and email address below and we will email you fairly infrequently.

In our busiest month we sent something like 5 different emails, so we promise not to fill your inboxes with too much stuff!

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